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When will I see feature "BLAH" become implemented?

I currently do not have a tight programming schedule. Thus it may take a long time for me to integrate the feature into the game. Please email me asking for features you want. If you do, I will debate the pros and cons of each request. All suggestions are considered for addition.

How often can I expect updated versions?

Because I develop Extirpation only when I have free time, new releases will come out only when lots of changes have been made. Expect long delays before updates.

Is there a publicly accessible download?

Not yet. Check the homepage for updates.

Where can I view the Terms of Use / License Agreement?

You must agree to the License before using the program. The License is included with the rest of the program in the "data/documents/licence.txt" file.

What are the specific system requirements?

As testing continues, the system requirements change. The system requirements are listed in the "requirements.txt" file, located in the "data/documents/" subdirectory.

For some arbitrary reason I dislike the newest build available. Are there download links to previous versions?

The changing nature of Extirpation dictates that support can only be provided for the most up-to-date version available. No download links to previous versions will be actively maintained for old versions. If you have an issue, please email an explanation of the bug or error along with any useful screenshots and system information.

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